Blog Interview Series #1: Conversations With A Property Inspector

Barbara: How long have you been doing property inspections?
Sean:  Ive been a Home Inspector for 4 years after many years in the custom home building and construction industry.

Barbara:  What other services do you offer besides a property inspection?
Sean:  Besides a comprehensive home inspection, I offer ancillary services such as Radon testing, Mold testing, Water Bacteria and Chemical testing, Septic System dye testing and analysis, as well as new construction stage oversight and inspection.

Barbara: What do you charge for an inspection?
Sean: The price for a home inspection is $400 for an average 2000 Sq.ft home, and can vary depending on the size.

Barbara: Why should I hire you as my property inspector?
Sean:  I believe my many years of practical experience in customer service, home design, over site and custom home construction management has given me a unique opportunity to give my customers an extensive realistic overview of each and every property they are planning to purchase.

Barbara:  What is the oddest story you can tell me about your experience as a property inspector?
Sean:  One of the most uncomfortable stories during an inspection is when i unknowingly came across a trio of young raccoons in the back of a crawlspace. Its not the place anyone wants to be.

Barbara:  What is the best advice you can give a First-Time Homebuyer?
Sean:  The best advice for a First-Time Home Buyer is too take in not only what the home inspector has to say about any defects in the home, but items such as mechanical shutoffs, water, electrical and gas. Future items to look out for as the home ages can also be important to talk about.

Barbara: What is your favorite part of the inspection?
​Sean: ​Actually my favorite part of the inspection is when i get to do that overview in person with the buyers at the end of my inspection. A standard report is effective, however when you personally go over any potential issues, the overall condition and answer questions, it makes the experience much better for customers to understand what they are buying.

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